cryptically adv

cryptically adv
"The situation is grave," Tom said cryptically.

English expressions. 2014.

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  • Cryptically — Cryp tic*al*ly, adv. Secretly; occultly; in a manner so as to hide or obscure meaning. [1913 Webster +PJC] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • cryptically — adv. puzzlingly, mysteriously, obscurely …   English contemporary dictionary

  • cryptic — cryptically, adv. /krip tik/, adj. Also, cryptical. 1. mysterious in meaning; puzzling; ambiguous: a cryptic message. 2. abrupt; terse; short: a cryptic note. 3. secret; occult: a cryptic writing. 4. involving or using cipher, code, etc. 5. Zool …   Universalium

  • cryptic — [[t]krɪ̱ptɪk[/t]] ADJ GRADED A cryptic remark or message contains a hidden meaning or is difficult to understand. He has issued a short, cryptic statement denying the spying charges... My father s notes are more cryptic here. Derived words:… …   English dictionary

  • crypt n — cryptic adj, cryptically adv …   English expressions

  • cryptic — [krip′tik] adj. [LL crypticus < Gr kryptikos < kryptos: see CRYPT] 1. a) having a hidden or ambiguous meaning; mysterious; baffling [a cryptic comment] b) obscure and curt in expression 2. Zool. serving to conceal, as the form or coloring… …   English World dictionary

  • cryptic — adj. 1 a obscure in meaning. b (of a crossword clue etc.) indirect; indicating the solution in a way that is not obvious. c secret, mysterious, enigmatic. 2 Zool. (of coloration etc.) serving for concealment. Derivatives: cryptically adv.… …   Useful english dictionary

  • enigmatically — adv. mysteriously, cryptically, in a puzzling manner, ambiguously …   English contemporary dictionary

  • secretly — adv clandestinely, covertly, furtively, surreptitiously, slyly, on the sly, on the Q.T., behind one s back, stealthily, sneakily, underhandedly; mysteriously, cryptically, enigmatically; privately, confidentially, intimately …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

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